2018/11/27 6:28am
On the blessing occasion of prophet Mohammed birth, and under the auspices  of general secretariat of Al-Abbasiah holy shrine, and the committee of education and higher education, the fourth cultural festival of the greatest prophet Mohammed (PUH) was held at Alkafeel University.
In the festival Dr. Nawras Mohammed Shaheed Al-Dahan (Alkafeel university president) gave his valuable talk on how we should all follow the morality of our greatest prophet (PUH).
Dr. Nawras , asserted that we should do hard in our efforts to get the knowledge as well as the morality.
By doing so, we will be for sure the blessing and the greatest nation of all times.
Samaht AL-Said Mohammed Al- Mosawie also gave his important preaching talk, asserting the importance of following the morality of our greatest prophet (PUH) in all aspects of   leadership, education, and reform.