2018/12/30 11:27am
Alkafeel university tries to improve its academic services offered to it is all students. The university contributes a lot to improve the quality of education in Iraq.
One of the distinguished initiative at Alkafeel university is to organize and host Persian language learning course(PLLC).
The courses are exclusive to Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf city. Those courses have very high academic standards, and they are organized only in Najaf city.
The language unit at Alkafeel university is considered as the only academic center in Iraq (it represents the 12 provinces of middle and south of Iraq). The Persian section is fully credited by the international Centre to learn Persian / Fardoosi University – Mashhad, Iran.
The main goal of these courses is to help Iraqi students who want to join Iranian Universities. Students who plan to do their degree or follow up their higher education the courses would help Iraqi students with language costs, and it will save up their valuable time. It will also minimize the cost of travelling to Iran.
The courses last for 6 months, followed by a comprehensive test. The learner will be entitled to have an official certificate if he/she will pass the test.
The first course was organized at the beginning of 2016.
12 Persian courses had been done, with 5 comprehensive tests. The next test will be on 5th Jun 2019, if Allah want.
The Persian courses have gained many credited by Ferdoosi university and all the learners. The courses are well-designed, and they have very good academic reputatuin.
For above reasons, Persian language unit at Alkafeel university is the only unit in Iraq that has been credited by the Iranian ministry for science and technology.
Alkafeel university is the first institution in Iraq, and the only one outside Iran to be entitled and credited to set the "SamFa Test".