2019/01/20 8:50am
Language unit at the University of Alkafeel has et the official SAMFA test, for the first time ever in Iraq. University of Alkafeel is the only credited institution for the international center for Persian language learning, Ferdosi University – Mashhad, Iran. Languages unit in university of Alkafeel is the only agent in the region of middle and south of Iraq.
SAMFA test would allow students to join all universities in Iran to do both, under and post graduates.
This test is needed to get the admission for all international students who are not Iranian.
Students have to pass the test befote they can join the university.
University of alkafeel aims at reducing the costs of the tuition fees for Iraqi students who plan to study in Iran.
Iraqi students won't need to join further Persian courses in Iran, if they would pass the test.
The test had been organized on Friday, 11 Jamad the first 1440 (for great prophet migration) – 18 January 2019. The test took place at the big hall of the University. 28 students, from different academic fields set the exam at the university of Alkafeel.
Dr.Yahya Al-Mayali, the University president assistant for academic affairs, clarified what this test is about.
Dr. Yahya said " we all met today at university of alkafeel to take this test, as you know, this test is so crucial for Iraqi students who plan to follow their studies in Iran". Dr. Yahya added "this test is a result of our agreement with fardeosi University in Mashhad".
The director of the Language unit learning of Alkafeel University – the assistant lecturer – Mahmood Al-Sabar mentioned "Today and for the first time in Iraq, Azman Samfa test has been organized by our University".
Mr. Mahmood added that there are three condense courses test for six months, with regular exams.
Those exams will prepare the students to set SAMFA at the end of the course.