2016/01/25 8:08am
Under the auspices of the General Secretariat of the Holy Abbasid threshold / Department of Education and Higher Education Faculty of Humanities University Department of pathological analysis techniques under the supervision of unit training and continuing education has established symposium entitled ((a medical professional behavior)) in the Department of pathological analysis techniques building and its lecturer is the assistant professor Dr. Shukria Shadhan Jayad , dean of the faculty of medical and health / Kufa / Technical University Euphrates approved on Wednesday 16/12/2015. She tackled the importance of the exercise of professional conduct proper for people who carry on business from within the health care sectors and the importance of preserving the lives and health of patients by their supervisors in hospitals and health centers. The seminar had come to meet the desire of the college and those who made it in the Holy Abbasid threshold in spreading such cultures in Iraqi society at the end of the seminar, Mr. Dean advanced thanks to Dr. Shukria and all attendees.