2016/01/03 10:31am
::Announcement ::
With the help of God, the opening credits of the teaching Persian language courses in our college
For those who wish to complete their studies in the Islamic Republic of Iran come Deanship Faculty of Humanities University / Accounts Division (located in the district of Kufa / companion near the shrine of Maitham al-Tamar (RIP)).
For the purpose of paying the amount session (600 thousand dinars) and then visit unit language education site (located in the neighborhood of Health / against the Najaf health directorate) for the purpose of registration.
Bringing  with them the following archives:
1. Personal colorful picture number four.
2. photocopy of the identity of the Civil Status.
3. photocopy of the last document study.
4. A photocopy of the passport (for students Comprehensive session).

For further information please contact us at phone numbers:
(07602328232 - 07602327232)

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Unit training and continuing education / teaching language courses "Persian - English"