2016/01/27 5:28am
(( It is very important declaration))
Scientific support of the movement and at the request of brothers who subscribe cycle Persian language teaching, Deanship of the Faculty of Humanities University has decided to reduce the cost of participation in the session and as following :
• Deduction amount (100,000) one hundred thousand dinars, from the cost per session and that standing for three months to be the subscription amount (500,000) five hundred thousand dinars paid at registration on the course.
• Brothers who wish installments amount will be paid in three installments amount , per installment (175,000) one hundred and seventy-five thousand dinars paid at the beginning of each month of the session.
• Brothers who paid the subscription amount for the previous cycle, according to the pricing of $ (600,000) six hundred thousand dinars will be kept behind the allowance of $ (100,000) one hundred thousand dinars for the premium is added to them the second level of the overall session.