2016/04/19 6:34am
    First International Scientific Conference of the research and scientific studies and Humanities was held at the Faculty of Humanities University on Tuesday, April 19 to 20, 2016, corresponding to 11-12- Rajab 1437 AH, under the auspices of His Eminence, the  incumbent legitimate and the General Secretary of the  Holy Abbasid threshold (as long as his highness ) and in the presence of representatives of Offices  of the referential great clerks,  university presidents,  deans and lecturers from inside and outside Iraq. And the number of researches that are presented  in the conference (152) and the number of researchers (240) in six scientific specialist axes . These  researches contributed to solving the problems that facing the community and treated them in  scientific , exploring and academic  way  to reach the  perfect solution and the  effective one  according to what comes up.

Activities of the first scientific conference in our college
First: The first day Tuesday 19/04/2016
• verses from the Quran
• national anthem
• Hymn of the Holy Abbasid Shrine
• Speech by Mr. representative of the institution (the Holy Abbasid Shrine)
• the speech of Mr. President of the Preparatory Committee of the Conference
• inaugural lecture of the conference
• Break
• The first meeting to discuss research
• The second meeting to discuss specialized research.