2016/04/23 6:46am
At the end of the conference , the  recommendations and the final statement of the conference had been stated  by Mr. Assistant Professor Safaa Abdul-Jabbar Ali al-Moussawi, PhD /The  Chairman of the Preparatory Committee of the Conference  and the dean of the college, thanking  Sponsor of the Conference of the Holy Abbasid Shrine which is represented  by the incumbent legitimate  and  Samahat Hijet  Islam and Muslims, Mr. Ahmed  Al-Safi (as long as his highness ) and the Secretariat of the  Holy Abbasid threshold. And Mr. Dean  thanked the involved researchers ,  the  guests and all the employees in the college.  The conferees had compacted to move forward in order to raise the status of our dear Iraq and solving problems all through sober scientific research and the similar  scientific meetings in the near future.