Legal Affairs Department
Associated administratively with the dean and is responsible for the following tasks and duties:

• Representing  the college and arguing it before the competent courts and judicial bodies to claim its rights and to defend it.
• Giving an opinions and legal advice on issues pertaining to college and departments.
• Organizing of guarantees for students admitted to the College and to ensure the recovery of the sums owed for damage to property or falsified documents.
• Following-up of disciplinary procedures against students in violation of instructions for students discipline, No. 160 for the year 2007.
• Contracting for the leasing of sites belonging to the College in accordance with the relevant laws.
• Participating in the investigative commitees formed in the college.
• consulting of police stations and integrity board, and any directorate needs to be consulted.
• Following-up on the counterfeiters and prosecute a criminal complaint against them.
• Regulation of undertakings for the motorists with their pledge to maintain the cars delivered to them.
• Inventory of college real estate and keeping a copy of the titles deed.
• Exercising the powers of notary in matters relating to the college, such as ratification of guarantees and others.
• Announcement of bids and tenders.
• conducting legal issues concerning all of the college.