Unit of information and public relations
Associated administratively with the dean and is responsible for the following tasks and duties:
• Identifying  the role of the College and its mission and strive to build a positive image of the College for inside and outside audiences.
• managing, planning, organizing and achieving the information and cultural activities and events of all kinds in the college with its divisions and units.
• Posting all about college, news and announcements.
• Submitting  the proposals about audiovisual and readable media activity.
• contacting with the relevant authorities to show the College activities and respond to media inquiries.
• Coordinating with the satellite tv channels and other media in all institutions of the College to complete information reports.
• Following-up the media and published matters regarding the College.
• Conducting television interviews required for the dean and the other in charge person in the College.
• sending congratulations or condolences in the happy and sad events and other events.
• Interaction with the community and meet its requirements of accurate statistical information and facts.
• Building bridges of communication with Iraqi universities through exchange of publications and printed matter and sending University news.
• Preparation of brochures and journals related to the achievements and activities of the college, to be published and distributed inside and outside the College.
• Editing the correspondence of the unit, and the maintenance of its records.
• Circulating correspondence of the unit about the activities of college and its divisions, units and centres.