Summer Training Unit
Administratively associated to the dean, concerned with the practical application in the fields of physical work in governmental offices, private and mixed sectors, where the student has to coexist with his scientific competence in the scientific life, and summer training is under duration from (1/7) until (31/8) every year, according to the nature of the specialization, and not to be training out of this time. the departments included in the internship are the department of law (30 days) for one year in the third stage, the department of engineering and the pathological analysis (60 days) in the second stage, and (60 days) in the third stage.

Unit Tasks
• Adoption of final versions that submitted by departments.
• Taking the necessary to approach the training sites and offices to provide training opportunities for students.
• issuance of administrative orders regarding  the distribution of students and placement of scientific supervisors to their training sites.
• Preparation of the final report in the college after receipt from all departments.

The Tasks of Scientific Departments
• Designation of scientific supervisors, and notifying the training and continuing education unit to issue required order.
• Designation of scientific supervisors, and notifying the training and continuing education unit to issue a limit of students number included in the training of each educational stage.
• Supervising the workflow of the training process.
• Creating tables include information on the names of students and specializations and the proposed training site, to be delivered to the training and continuing education in mid-January.
• The training Committee has to determine the number of training sites that are supervised by the scientific supervisor.
• the scientific departments have to organize summer training reports and submit them to the training unit at the college after the completion of the organization forms that are prepared for this purpose, and the student evaluation by practical and scientific supervisors, along with the evaluation of student report submitted to the his department after the debate.

Scientific Supervisor duties:
• Professors may perform the scientific supervision.
• May replace a scientific supervisor with another supervisor.
• Determination of the scientific supervisor field visits to one weekly visit at least.

Evaluation of Summer Training:
The evaluation is achieved in accordance with the form prepared for this purpose and as follows:
• Field evaluation: (30%) for Scientific Supervisor (30%) For practical supervisor.
• Academic evaluation: (40%) for the report of the training student in the department after the discussion.
• Evaluation degree of the trainee success must be not less than (50%) of the total grades, where no longer conform to pass the summer training in the degree to which less than that.

• When the student absences exceed the proportion (10%) of the training duration, then he/she is considered failed in the training, and he/she have to retraining, and two degrees deducted from the student evaluation for each day of absence.