Training and Continuious Education Unit
Administratively associated to the dean, and specializes in the organizing and planning of education activities, and studying  the needs of the teaching board members and college staff, as well as raising the professional level of the staff that ensures high level service to the citizen, and its objectivesare as follows:
• Developing the staff through meaningful and ongoing training sessions.
• Supporting the new employees in the first stage of recruitment.
• Aware openness of information on contemporary global knowledge and experiences to keep pace with the development.
• The participating with other institutions in the development and exchange of experiences, and strengthening linkages among institutions.

The Activities
The unit has endeavoured to develop plans to deepen the impact of cultural structure skills process, through the mechanism of action included group of projects. the most prominent one is the expansion of the workspace beyond the training, a series of educational seminars and workshops, conferences, programs, exhibitions, and visits have been achieved and received considerable support from the deanship of the college, and received the approbation and satisfaction of the participants and attendants.