Quality and University Performance unit
Associated administratively with the dean is responsible for the following tasks and duties:
• Creating appropriate ways to promote the culture of quality in the college and circulating it to the departments and units.
• Proposing strategies, operational plans and excutive policies to ensure the quality and enhance performance of the college and its academic programs.
• Creating the criteria and indicators for quality assurance and adopting different  educational  patterns.
• Training the administrative and scientific personnel of the college on the quality criteria and standards and how to adhere to them and benefit from international experiences.
• Analysis of information with appropriate scientific methods of the College departments for report writing.
• Coordinating with the heads of departments and units in the College to build an integrated system of criteria and indicators for the quality assurance, the accreditation and the performance measurement comparisons, guided by international standards.
• Building an integrated system for continuous self-evaluation of the work and operations in the College.
• Following-up the implementation of the system through audit and evaluation periodic approved tours to the sites and following-up the effectiveness of its performance.
• Establishing a specialized library for compiling information on quality systems and performance development and accreditation relied on in the academic institutions and specialized from various Iraqi, regional and international sources.