Department of psychological counseling and educational guidance
Administratively associated with the dean and is responsible for the following tasks and duties:
• Advice, through advising to quit bad habits and practices, and access to the best solutions.
• Guidance, to know the right and wrong path, and keep away from the path of falsehood and suspicion.
• Guidance, can not be achieved except through the daily mentoring to each student.
• Making an effort in the promotion of enjoining what is Right and forbidding what is wrong and evil to change wrong attitudes and traditions that give erroneous image that is not adequate to the supreme level of Al-Abbas Holy Shrine, restructuring the student to be an emulated person (role model).
• Participating in the religious events in the College, through delivering the instructive lectures and creating directive events.
• Hosting religious and scientific specialists and creating open seminars and conversational sessions.
• Answering the doctrinal, ideological and legitimate questions that face the students and avoid the suspicions.