Unit of Sports Activities
Administratively associated to the dean, consists of scientific quality, qualified staff specialized in the field of physical education and sports sciences, to contribute to the promotion of university sports and health of the community, as well as to develop interaction among the students themselves and between students and college, to contribute to upgrade the student's personality, through giving them the time to exchange the various sporting activities that aim to spread the spirit of cooperation, to elevate the sport movement to different levels, and the tasks and duties entrusted to are as follows:

The Objectives:
It aims to prepare the college students from physical, educational, social aspects, and work on the development of sports movement in collaboration with the concerned parties, and to contribute to the dissemination of sport culture, and work to make sport one of the important means in bringing students together, as well as to contribute to serve the community through educating for sport  exercising, explaining its positive effects on the overall health of the individual to serve and upgrade the community, and to work on the development of sports in Iraq.

The Activities
The sports unit set up the Five-a-side football (futsal) by direct supervision of the dean in each academic year,  all departments of the college are participating in the league, and also the basketball and volleyball league that are held after the half-year holiday of each academic year, and the team of the college has been formed to participate in friendly matches with other colleges.