Unit of Storages
    Associated administratively with the dean and is responsible for the following tasks and duties:
• Supervising the processing of the equipment for the departments, units, centers, laboratories, and classrooms, and signing the input and output documents of the storage.
• Making recommendation to delete articles that are sold or destroyed after issuing administrative orders for that.
• Notifying the deanship of the remaining material; for the purpose of taking the proper and necessary action to them.
• Approving the receipt of items that are returned, and obtaining the approval of the processing to the rest of the departments and units when needed.
• Taking proper action on consumables, and obtaining the proper approvals on them.
• Receipt of incoming materials to college by purchasing committee.
• Preparing lists of the materials that are consumed and received from departments and units.
• Performing a complete inventory of the college departments of (furniture, electrical devices, electronic equipment and generators).
• Following-up the providing of fuel and processing it to the departments.
• Organizing and keeping inventory archive requests of the departments.