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The Leading Role of Al-Abbas Holy Shrine
The General Secretariat of Al-Abbas Holy Shrine has been established in 2007 according to the law of Administration for the Holy Shrines No. 19 as a substitute for first legitimate administration that formed after the fall of the tyrant in April 2003 and written authorization has been obtained from a religious authority reference in Najaf to supervise the management of the sacred threshold, where the developed administrative structure has been established that consist of dozens of departments and units in various fields: cultural, educational, religious and public information, engineering, service and financial, medical and other that were not exist before, in order to restore the missing cultural role of the holy shrines, to start a new phase of continuous bestwal , raising the services levels of the Holy Shrine and its visitors and piligrms to the widest horizons, by the leadership of the Secretary General Hujjat al-Islam Sayyed Ahmad Al-Safi (May Allah protect him)
The general Secretariat of Al-Abbas Holy Shrine, represented by its Secretary-General has sponsored University College of Humanities Studies project ; seeking for raising and developing the education level in Iraq, and to keep pace with the rapid advances in science and to meet the changing needs of society, according to multiple mechanisms, including the development of curricula and study plans, and providing scientific competencies qualified for teaching and equipping of study halls, laboratories and the most modern equipment and excellent in quality and quantity, and paying attention to aspects of scientific research, as well as the investment of the teachers and students potentials in research in theory and practice both initial and higher, as well as training, awareness-raising and scientific mobilization within the scientific foundations future basis in line with modern developments through the acquisition of technical and high professional expertise and exploit them scientifically and academically according to advanced methodological perspective.