Department of education and higher education

Department of education and higher education aspirations and hopes
The nations will not revive with a comprehensive renaissance without an educated cultured and aware society, has its educational system that is capable of control its behavior and dealings with whoever and whichever be around it, so the administration of Al-Abbas Holy shrine has sensed the importance of this file, and act to activate it within its awareness development projects, the secretary-general Sayyed Ahmed Al-Safi (May Allah protect him) has blessed this sense and he has directed to form and establish of the Education Committee that adopted and sponsored the plan created for this file and to activate it to become real, so the Karbala province was the early start of their work with good first-fruit represented in(a nursery, kindergarten and five schools) called with a title from the titles of Abul-Fazil Al-Abbas, that is (Al-a’ameed ).
After the first-fruit had been founded and the educational process was launched, the Secretary-General Sayyed Ahmed Al-Safi (May Allah protect him) has directed to establish a department to complete what the committee had been started, academic experts from those who have long experience in the field of education has been assigned and appointed, to manage the department of teaching and higher education entrusted with the management function of Al-Abbas Holy Shrine educational facilities, supervising the work flow, and monitoring their performance, starting from Al-a’ameed nursery and kindergarten through the Al-a’ameed schools for boys and Al-a’ameed schools for girls, sayyed Al-maa’ primary school, Al-a’ameed intermediate school, Abi Talib school for primary education, and finally University College of Humanities Studies in Najaf, and any other educational and teaching facilities that may be established in the future.