The incorporation and the stages
The college was established on (1/10/2003) after the efforts of Iraqi scientific competencies have combined to produce institutional academic work that is commensurate with the cultural, religious heritage depth of Najaf, and has been approved by the order of the ministry of higher education and scientific research No. (187) at 1/2/2005, under which the college offers a Bachelor's degree according to the Cabinet regulations, its graduates have the right to continue their studies inside or outside Iraq, they can occupy what their undergraduate degree qualifies them to work in, and the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Iraq resolution No. (218) for the year 2011 adopted at its thirty-fourth session On 21/6/2011 the total grants licence, and it became a subsidiary of Al-Abbas Holy Shrine under the Cabinet  approval No. (19149) on 18/6/2013, the college has begun in two divisions Sharia(Islamic law) and law with just (104) students, as of the academic year 2014-2015 about (4,406) students have joined in, total (1319) students graduated, It now includes seven departments (Sharia, law, computer technology Engineering and information technologies, engineering, dentistry, pathological analysis techniques, and tourism), and where (2,653) students of both genders, it is the kernel of the main project (University of humanities) which includes various scientific specializations and humanities.