The Dean
The supreme administrative head of the College, the head of college board, he has to manage and exercise the capacities conferred upon him by the owner (Al-abbas Holy Shrine) with  the minister of higher education and scientific research and from the College Board, in accordance with the laws, regulations and instructions to achieve the objectives of the College, and to implement  the strategies, and exercise the tasks stipulated in article 14 of the universities and community colleges law (No. 13) for the year 1996 as amended by law No. 57 for the year 2002, as stipulated in the regulations and instructions issued by the Ministry of higher education and scientific research, as follows :

• Representation of the College before the official and non-official  bodies, and has the right to authorize his representative before them.
• management of scientific, administrative and financial affairs of the college , in accordance with the provisions of the valid applicable laws, regulations and instructions.
• Signing of contracts, agreements and correspondence which is ratified by the College Board.
• assignment of the scientific, administrative and technical staff, and determination of their salaries and bonuses, acceptance of their resignations and termination of their services.
• Formation of the scientific, administrative, financial committees and the, and define their tasks and capacities.
• Ratification of the decisions of write-offs, valuation and rent committees or decision-making directly without resorting to forming committees.
• Issuance of exchange orders according to college board decision and in accordance with the interests of the college.
• Adoption of the annual budget chapters, supervision of the exchange process, and Surveillance of the work of financial and Purchases committees.
• Formation of a committee to sign instruments (signed cheques) issued by the college, which consists of Dean or his authorized nominee, with associate Dean for Administrative Affairs, and the Director of the college accounts.
• The dean of the college To authorize transferring  some of his capacities to his associate or to the heads of academic departments.