Unit Administration
Unit of Administration affairs
Associated administratively with the dean and consists of:-
The Administration
It is responsible of preparing for the College needs of human resources, identified by the scientific, technical and administrative structure, and preparing the staff for next year from functional titles and job grades, editing and distributing the correspondence of the college departments and units.

The incoming and outgoing correspondence:
It is in charge of keeping the records of incoming and outgoing correspondences, managing incoming and outgoing mail and the external recieved mail that are recognized between the administration board and its departments, units, the ministries and offices and distribute it, it owns an archive to save mail that considered as a reference to the College, department and units in ministerial and administrative orders.

The Human Resources
It is responsible of printing the administrative orders and instructions, editing incoming official letters from the dean office and the administrative associate office of management concerning the recruitment, relocation, and resignation and termination, services transfer, changing functional titles , disengagement, and redirection, and the service account, the leaves, the bonuses, the advances, and penalties, the daily changes, and all that concerning the rights of staff and professors ,issuing official letters that came across from departments and units.

Files division
It includes the archive of general files keeping for staff and professors, configuring and retrieving information about each staff member in college, ranking them according to the college administrative structure, and organization information that ensure arrangement of their identities cards and proof of residence, raising the specific information for their salaries to the Finance Unit which is done through the preparation of personal files for all college associate members (permanent and temporary), looking over all required documents before the employee work at the college, keeping all papers on file, and save the files of terminated employee (resignation and others), And everything related to the employees personal file that showing the career history from official letters of thanks, penalties and bonuses and all that saves his rights, as well as assisting in software development for that organization process.