Department of registration and students' affairs
Administratively associated to the dean, and consists of the following units

It is in charge of paying attention to the students and following-up them from the beginning of acceptance into college until their graduation, and the tasks entrusted to it are as follows:
• Reception and registration of new students.
• Distribution of students in the departments according to their desires in accordance with ministerial instructions and submit lists of their acceptance to the departments.
• Issuing administrative orders for accepting new students, the orders of students failures because of absence, disciplinary penalties, and termination of admission.
• Following-up of existing students and keeping files.
• Promotion of students transfers to/from the college in accordance with the regulations and instructions.
• Arranging the admission of Arab and foreign students at the College after receiving the official orders from the Ministry.
• Arranging the admission of students with equated certificates after the nomination by the Ministry.
• looking over the students documents that are accepted in college.
• The completion of the statistics, answering the incoming official letters regarding student affairs, and preparing a secured database with comprehensive information for all students admitted to the College, the information are daily updated depending on the changes in the students conditions.
• keeping and daily sustaining  the files of students graduated from the college (are kept electronically and in paper).