Unit of Documents and Certificates
Its tasks are as follows:
• issuance of continuity confirmation for all students after verifying their study continuousness according to the applicable regulations in college.
• issuance of graduatation confirmation after confirming the result of the applicant.
• Issuance of graduation papers for graduated students graduating after checking the information of applicant.
• Following-up the record of outgoing official letters.
• Answering the official letters sent to the college by the Registrar General of the Ministry regarding students and graduates.
• Recieving the annual averages and final degrees for all exams phases.
• Working on the final averages for students of all stages after the end of each academic year.
• Receiving of final examination books and keeping them.
• keeping the Primary record (master sheet) after its completion by the departments .
• Archiving the official letters and ordersthat are issued by the Dean office regarding the students in all files and sections.
• Validating the issuance of official letters that are issued .