Finance Department
Associated administratively with the dean and is responsible for the following tasks and duties:
• Maintaining the accounting and financial records.
• Registering and accounting entries and posting them to special records.
• Editing the special correspondence for accounting and finance , the budgets, the financial statements and the audited balance sheets.
• Preparing planning budgets, final accounting and statistics.
• Completing of the work on vouchers of payment for salaries and lectures wages,  purchases and other expenses, according to the sections of the budget.
• processing the accounts of advances settlement and their limitations.
• Preparing the Pay-roll of salaries and adding the monthly variables entry thereto.
• Receiving of amounts and register its restrictions and deposit it in the Bank, and posted to the Fund for matching and cutting receipts.
• Securing the contracts requirements, financial import and legal safety.
• Keeping records, documents and lists, and configuration of financial database.