College of Technical Engineering
It was established in (2007), and it is concerned with studying specialized knowledge in computer technology engineering. The study extends for four years in the English language for the morning and evening studies. The graduate is awarded a bachelor’s degree, which qualifies him to practice the profession of computer engineer in the governmental and private sectors, in addition to the possibility of completing postgraduate studies. from which (831) students graduated until the academic year 2019-2020.
About College College of Technical Engineering

Title Lectures Course Syllabus
Engineering Drawing
Electrical and Mechanical Workshops
Electrical Engineering Fundamentals
Commuter Organization
Computer Programming
Digital Electronic
English Language
Democracy and Human Rights
Title Lectures Course Syllabus
Computer Applications
Microprocessor Architecture
Instrument and Measurement
Communication Fundamentals
Computer Programming II
Title Lectures Course Syllabus
Engineering Analysis
Real Time Systems Design
Digital Signal Processing
Computer Network Fundamentals
Digital Communications
Control Engineering Fundamental
Database Systems
Networks Simulation
Title Lectures Course Syllabus
Advanced Computer Technology
Mobile Communications
Project Management
Information Theory and Coding
Security of Computer and Networks
Computer Networks Protocols
Multimedia Computing

Ali Jasim Ramadhan Alaameri
Asst. Prof..
Yahay Mahdi Hadi Al Mayali
Ali Jalil
Asst. Lec.
Dr Ali Muhssen Abdul-sadah
Firas Thair Raoof Al-maliky
Mohammed A. H. Al-tayyar
Aqeel Salman Azez
Maytham Salman Azeez
Ameer Najm Najaf Zowarali
Asst. Lecturer
Kamal Mohammed Hasan Raheem
Asst. Lecturer
Zaid Khaleel Ibrahim Albaabi
Asst. Lecturer
Ahmed Abdulrazzaq Yassin
Asst. Lecturer
Doaa Maryam Abbas Mohammed
Asst. Lecturer
Zainab Sabah Idan
Asst. Lecturer