University of Alkafeel Initiating Construction of “ Modern Educational Building” by General Secretariat of the Holy Al-`Abbas Shrine
2024 - 05 - 10

In a statement, the rector of  the University of Alkafeel, Prof. Dr. Nawras Mohammed Shaheed Al-Dahaan, expressed that the project to build the new educational building is being executed under by the General Secretariat of the Holy Al-`Abbas Shrine to represent a significant step in expanding the universitycapabilities. He mentioned that the new complex, being implemented by Al-Lawaa International Company, is a part of the university strategy to increase educational buildings and keep pace with scientific and technological advancements. Prof. Dr. Al-Dahaan added that the design of the new educational building takes into consideration the latest technological and engineering standards, accommodating more than 10 lecture halls in addition to classrooms and advanced laboratories. Then he emphasized that this project will provide a comprehensive educational environment for students and faculty members, enhancing the quality of education and encouraging creativity and innovation.

 The Rector of Alkafeel University concluded his statement by affirming the university commitment to developing its academic programs and providing the best educational opportunities for students. He expressed his gratitude to the General Secretariat of the Holy Al-` Abbas Shrine for its continuous support, as well as to Al-Lawaa International Company for undertaking the project. “These joint efforts aim to achieve a common goal of providing high-quality education that contributes to the development of society” , stressed the rector.