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AlKafeel University Council held a meeting during its open session
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2022 - 06 - 14
11:00 AM

Headed by the esteemed Chancellor of the University, Prof. Dr. Nawras M. Al-Dahan, AlKafeel University Council held its open session in the 14th of June 2022. Attended by the Chancellor's Assistant for the scientific Affairs, Prof. Dr. Nawal A. Al-Mayali  and the deans of the faculties. 

Al-Dahan directed to the necessity of adhering the ministerial instructions to accomplish the final tests, emphasizing on the achievement of scientific sobriety in the examination process as it is the core of the educational process.

In her statement, Al-Mayali stressed the need to combine the efforts of the central and subsidiary examination committees to achieve the criteria of the educational process success at the university and to accomplish the tasks within the specified period of time.

 The Council concluded with its best wishes to the university students