Cardiff University, Wales, United Kingdom
College of Pharmacy
Second Language Acquisition, Writing in a Second Language, Testing, Translation
- Evaluating university students’ readiness to learn simultaneous translation. Research published in a book in English entitled “Studies in Translation” in March 2015, as part of a series of publications by the British Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
- Studying the verbs for regional assistance and context in the Harry Potter novel. Accepted for publication in the Journal of the College of Arts at the University of Kufa, January 2019.
1. Professor of Graduate Studies in the Department of English Language, College of Education for Girls, University of Baghdad from September 1995 until June 1997.
2. Chairman of the committee and professor of graduate studies in the English Department, College of Arts, University of Kufa from September 2016 until June 2019.
3. External evaluator at the Omani Authority for Academic Accreditation, from October 2007 until now.
4. Arbitrator in the Literary Translation Competition 2012 - Literary Forum - Omani Ministry of Culture and Heritage.
5. Member of the editorial board of the following peer-reviewed scientific journals published in the English language:
a. Jordanian Journal of Applied Sciences, University of Applied Sciences - Amman - Jordan from March 2000 until August 2001.
B. Asian EFL Journal (Online) and Linguistics Journal (as of May 2006)
T. the Arab World English Journal (as of January 2010)