Baghdad University
College of Medicine
.NNeurosciences , Medical eduction programmes, History of Meidcine .
"1) Relation of chronic kidney diseases and development of hydrocephalus post aneurysmal SAH due to changes in CSF. A retrospective study of the cases treated between 2009-2012 at Brighton University Hospital. Wessex medical conference 2011 /UK.

2) Acoustic tumours: relation of the longevity of post-op bulbar symptoms and the surgical approach. Hallamshire Medical journal / Hallamshire academic conference 2014 /UK.

3) Chiari malformation: worsening of cervical spine syrinx with CSF shunts. A retrospective study of 31 cases, British Medical Journal 2015/ UK.

4) Clinical decision vs radiological decision to operate in cases of acute subdural hematoma. A retrospective study of 37 cases in Southampton General Hospital/ Emergency Medical journal, 2018 /UK."
More than twenty-five years of experience in the field of brain and neurological surgery through work in hospitals in Iraq and the United Kingdom, as well as teaching in medical schools in Iraqi and British universities. I am currently a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine at Al-Kafeel University and a lecturer on Principles of General Surgery at the Faculty of Dentistry at Al-Kafeel University, and previously (2021-2023) a guest lecturer on Neurosurgery at the Faculty of Medicine at Jaber Ibn Hayyan Medical University.