University of Kufa
The Collage of Medicine
Microbiology, genetic diagnosis, molecular biology, heredity
"1-Bio-Environmental preparation of Selenium Nanoparticle using Klebsiella Pneumonia and their Biomedical Activity. Published under license by IOP Publishing Ltd
2-Selenium Nano-particles bio-synthesized by pathogenic bacteria having antibiofilm activity analysed by fluorescent microscopy and Molecular detection of antibiotic resistance genes. Published under the International Journal of Health Sciences"
A lecture at the University of Kufa / College of Science / Department of Life Sciences
 Microbiology Genetics Laboratory - Phase IV
 Water and Soil Biology Laboratory - Phase III
 Mycology Laboratory - Phase IV
 Communicable Diseases Laboratory - Phase II
Microbiology Laboratory - Phase II
 Microbial Toxicology Laboratory - Phase III