Future plans: Ambitions and Hopes

The University of AlKafeel Council seeks to its esteemed management to quantitative and qualitative development and scientific progress to meet the needs of the labor market according to a clear future development plan, and the future vision summarized in the following points:

First: Attracting academic staff with advanced scientific degrees.
Second: Excellence in the quality of performance and raising the scientific rank of the university locally and internationally.
Third: Effective participation in preparing scientific research and publishing in journals Scientific with a high scientific impact factor; for the purposes of developing the activities of the sections of the Abbasid Holy Shrine, and solving the problems facing the community.
Fourth: Organizing cultural activities (seminars, workshops, and local and international scientific conferences) for the purpose of developing the staff and supporting the scientific research movement with a distinguished product in quantity and quality.
Fifth: Planning To open postgraduate studies.
Sixth: Openness and interaction with Iraqi and international universities through organizing agreements and cultural relations.