About Division
Division affiliated to the University sponsor concerned with the development of university education, environment, education and training of human resources and in accordance with the standards of quality and academic accreditation through the establishment of rehabilitation and training courses & nbsp; and various scientific and humanitarian disciplines. And members of the association in colleges esteemed scientific departments are the nucleus of the Division of training and continuing education in their colleges and their departments and the link between the colleges and their departments and the Division of Training and Continuing Education & nbsp; Central.
Division functions
Division tasks & bull; Preparing an annual plan for seminars, lectures, workshops and seminars. & Bull; Take what it takes to approach the training sites; To provide training opportunities for students. & Bull; Issuance of student distribution of orders and placement of supervisors for them to scientific training sites. & Bull; The preparation of the final report at the university after receipt of all colleges and scientific departments Aloksam.mham & bull; & Nbsp; & Nbsp; designation of scientific supervisors and to inform the Continuing Education Division to issue the command necessary. & Bull; & Nbsp; & Nbsp; designation of scientific supervisors, and to inform the Division of Continuing Education; To issue limited to the preparation of students covered by summer training according to each stage of study. & Bull; & Nbsp; & Nbsp; supervision of the conduct of the training process. & Bull; & Nbsp; & Nbsp; create tables include information on students' names and competence of the proposed site and the training of the training, that is delivered to the Education Division continued in the middle of the month of January. & Bull; & Nbsp; & Nbsp; The Training Committee identified a number of training sites supervised by the scientific supervisor & bull; & Nbsp; & Nbsp; organize scientific departments training reports and summer raises to the Continuing Education Division at the university after completing the organization of the form prepared for this purpose, and the evaluation of the student by the practical and scientific supervisor, as well as the calendar of scientific student for the report provided by the department after Almnaakech.mham scientific supervisor & bull; & Nbsp; & Nbsp; the Altdricion task of scientific supervision. & Bull; & Nbsp; & Nbsp; may bring Musharraf a scientific rather than Musharraf else. & Bull; & Nbsp; & Nbsp; determine the scientific supervisor of field visits to one visit at least weekly.
The objectives of the Division
& Bull; & Nbsp; & Nbsp; staff development through continuous courses aimed at training. & Bull; & Nbsp; & Nbsp; support and support for new employees in the first phase of their employment. & Bull; & Nbsp; & Nbsp; conscious openness to contemporary global knowledge and experience; To keep up with the development movement. & Bull; & Nbsp; & Nbsp; participation of other institutions in the development and exchange of experiences, and strengthen the links between the institutions.
Terms and Definitions
1 panel discussion (Sumner): It is that seminar hosted by a college professors scientific section in the jurisdiction of what the rest of the professors of the college. 2. Lecture: It is hosted by an external one professor or college professors section of a group of college professors in the subject given by the professors department or college for a period of one day. 3. seminar: It is hosted by more than an external professor or college professors or department in one subject and multiple axes delivered by college professors department and one day 4. workshop: It is hosted by one professor or several external professors or professors from the college section is attached next to my work with the theoretical lecture for a period of one day or several days.