About Section
Department of psychological guidance and educational guidance is the Administrative Division at the University has guiding branches in all colleges and university departments and interested in providing educational services distinguished university students all in cooperation and coordination with scientific departments and baptisms colleges aware of the importance of the association between the educational aspect of scientific and educational together side, and the belief in the need to create an academic environment to take care of educational Balrassanp as take care of the scientific Balrassanp.
Vision, Mission and goals
Department Vision: To achieve an effective contribution to provide the society with elements characterized by awareness of the intellectual, cultural and religious through the construction of university personal students and promote the concepts of religious values ​​and ethical principles of public commitment and behavior of higher professional as have a clear impact in the love of the homeland and pride in belonging to the development of national identity, cultural and civilizational and development high sense of responsibility and love of work, development, sincerity, integrity and other noble values ​​Messag .. section: Strengthening self-confidence and instilled in the hearts of students by absorbing the different activities and directed the direction that leads to the acquisition of scientific skills in their field, working to create the atmosphere and climate of thought contribute to a certain extent in immunization intellectual for our children from all that can be racked Bozhanhm myths and intellectual Alakaidahohdav section: to provide students with religious and Streptococcus information and knowledge of cultural and immunized from drifting into the abyss of deviant .akoshv ideas about skills, talents and self-exploration and provide opportunities for investment .snaah language of dialogue and discussion, particularly in common phenomena as well as refined communication sites meeting J .taziz religious, national, ethical and professional values ​​.tnumeih the spirit of a sense of responsibility and encourage the exercise of charity and make it a good help for his community and his country.
Our Services
Department of psychological guidance and direction of education provides services guidance for students and students directly through communication with them, and provides services guidelines through the implementation of public programs group including: First: Program Enrichment Alvcreozlk preparing lectures schedule in which cast specialize different intellectual aspects such as morality and faith in order to enhance the knowledge of students these aspects with its positive impact on the building Chksathm.thania: the program Altnmoyuehdv to establish a series of lectures and workshops which focus on naming the students' abilities and general skills which relate Bmenahi life and social Alokadimih.thaltha: forums and Alhawwarataz embraces section guidance talents of diverse students, such as reading writing poetry, painting sports and hobbies, then holding forums for groups according to those talents and experiences are exchanged, competition and competitions. Also holds forums of dialogue to train students meaningful dialogue style in various issues affecting the public life and ethical conduct and make way for them in the formulation of entrepreneurial ideas and exchange knowledge with others, whether they are from colleagues or from Alosativ experienced in their field Almokhtlvh.raava: media Alterppoeva attempt to engage students and motivate to write and express their views in the media activities of their departments and faculties enabling them to publishing murals, leaflets and the like, or through e-.va means: refinement of communication sites Alajtmaiozlk by setting up a special page under the guidance of each college or department, and with the participation of students to enable them to optimize the use of social networking sites and the benefit according civilized methods that should reflect the reality of academic and personal contribute to the building at the Ahd.sadsa: outings student takes part run trips a student accompanied by some members of the board of teaching to the places of psychological and spiritual recreation where religious visits associated with the visit of some recreational places, which contributes to the creation of The friendly atmosphere among the students on the one hand, and between them and the teaching staff on the other hand .Saava: Almojtmages service students to do charity work and volunteer such as visiting orphanages or homes for the elderly to give them gifts and moral support, which reflects the impact on the students themselves, the development of the spirit of cooperation, solidarity and other acts that serve the community, such as blood donation and other cooperative campaigns.