Iraqi Ranking for Universities
Al-Kafeel University has secured the second position among private universities and colleges in the Iraqi ranking, as determined by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.2
Al-Kafeel University has achieved a 3-star rating in QS Stars and attained 5 stars across four distinct categories: Teaching and Employability, Academic Development, Internationalization, an
Green Metrics
AlKafeel University is ranked 386 globally and 10 among Iraqi universities and the 2th among private universities of Iraq in UI Green Metric University Ranking;
In the Academic Engineering Ranking for the 2022-2023 academic year, Al-Kafeel University achieved the third position.
Al-Kafeel University was ranked 54th globally and ranked 2nd in Iraq.
Round Uni. Ranking (RUR)
AlKafeel University is ranked 824 globally in Round University Ranking (RUR) and 33 locally in Iraq
THE Impact Ranking
Al-Kafeel University was ranked globally at 1001+ and holds the 13th position nationally, as well as the 7th position among private universities
University of Alkafeel is ranked 6550 globally;and 59 locally in the WEbometrics University Ranking among 124 participating Iraqi universities
Scimago Institutions Ranking
The University of AlKafeel was ranked (32) out of (59) Iraqi universities.
AlKafeel University was ranked Second in the national classification for the quality of Iraqi universities and took the Diamond Star in the classification of scientific laboratories for the
Iraqi Ranking for Universities
Al-Kafeel University was ranked eighth in the Iraqi classification of universities on private universities by the Ministry of Higher Education for academic graduation in 2023.