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Life at University of AlKafeel


Why Ukfl
Grants and Installments

The university provides a lot of grant offers and reduced fees for students to ensure the comprehensiveness of all cases and care for people with limited income 

Online Systems

Al-Kafeel University was known for its electronic systems and readiness for e-learning even before the epidemic, in order to ensure the quality of learning and promote it to the highest ranks 

Educational Laboratories

To ensure the quality of teaching, application and practice, the university is keen to follow up the laboratories on a permanent basis and provide them with the latest types of equipment needed for training & research

University Surroundings

The surroundings of the university are distinguished by the availability of spacious halls to accommodate the number of students, green spaces, quality of lighting, presentation and presentation 

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Students Representative

To achieve the principle of transparency in work and to ensure the rights of students, it is necessary to elect representatives to advocate for them, express their demands, convey their proposals and complaints. Therefore, Al-Kafil University has been keen to nominate a group of distinguished students with good academic standing and polite personalities to be elected by students from the same academic level. The duties of student representatives include attending meetings and college councils where matters concerning the students' future are discussed, such as scheduling exams, setting the weekly timetable, and other tasks, as well as conveying proposals that contribute to the academic and professional development of students, such as organizing seminars, festivals, or commemorating some religious occasions.

It is worth mentioning that Al-Kafil University has been and still is giving students the greatest share of attention, as its essential services are designed for their benefit and to provide the best means of development and education in order to graduate an educated and aware generation that elevates the country to higher ranks.

From this perspective, these administrations, represented by the deans of the colleges, undertake a range of tasks, including:

  • Supervising the annual elections of student representatives, student groups, and clubs.
  • Monitoring student activities, student groups, and clubs, including organizing exhibitions, festivals, and celebrations, as well as organizing religious, national, and social activities.
  • Following up on academic issues for students with all college departments and providing necessary assistance.