Dentistry Clinic
Dental outpatient clinics at University of Alkafeel provide services to more than (1500) patients per month!
About College Dentistry Clinic

The educational clinics in the College of Dentistry are part of the college that is concerned with the clinical aspect of students and at the same time providing medical services to the visitors, thus helping in dental treatments and spreading the correct culture in the field of oral and dental medicine to the community. Under the slogan (learning in exchange for excellent service).

A number of professors, experienced dentists, supervisors, teaching assistants, employees and workers responsible for certain services work in the clinics, in addition to service and security workers. These clinics are distributed over three floors in addition to the ground floor. The area of each floor is 600 square meters, which is equivalent to 2,400 square meters. 

The work in the clinic is divided into several clinics:

The patient pays a receipt for a nominal value of (2000 Iraqi Dinars ONLY) for any full service provided to him in any of the clinics of his choice.

Dental Protection

Various preventive measures including the application of Floride

Description of Medicines

Prescribing appropriate medications for different cases

Teeth Cleaning and Gum Care Service

Dental cleaning and gum care service includes: Removing the limescale accumulated on the surfaces of the teeth from the outside and inside using sterile metal tools to remove the lime or through the use of the Skylar device that releases vibrations without sound and breaks up the lime deposits, then the doctor uses a toothbrush and a special paste to polish and give the teeth Soft texture.

Complete and Partial Dentures

Dental replacement service includes the design of a partial denture to replace one or several missing teeth, and it is removeable outside the mouth, and a complete denture that replaces all the missing teeth in the jaw and helps restore chewing processes and maintains the appearance of the face and enhances the look. The complete denture can be made to replace the loss of only the upper teeth or the loss of only the lower teeth or both.

Orthodontic Service

Orthodontic service includes treatment options that aim to improve the appearance and functionality of the teeth by moving them or adjusting their straightness, or distributing the pressure force generated by occlusion of teeth on others to improve the general health of the teeth, gums and jaw joints.

Dental Filling Service

Dental filling service includes: opening the tooth, removing decay, removing damaged tooth tissue and drilling the tooth in a way that allows it to be filled artificially with a special material.

Tooth Extraction Service

Tooth extraction service includes removing the affected tooth from its place completely, following the gradual damage to the layers of the tooth - enamel, dentin and pulp of the tooth including the root canals. Tooth damage often occurs as a result of excessive.

What Is E-Clinic?
Electronic medical consultations represent a revolution in the delivery of healthcare to patients outside of hospitals, as it enables patients to benefit from specialized expertise without seeing the specialist face to face.

A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine indicates that electronic consultations are appropriate and useful as an alternative to outpatient visits that patients are accustomed to, for seeking direct medical consultations.

Electronic consultations allow clinicians to receive patients' questions and inquire about their health through a shared electronic health record or secure online platform. After reviewing the available questions and relevant data, specialist consultants answer them, determine the necessary medical assistance within a few hours or perhaps days, and follow up on the patients' implementation of appropriate medical recommendations.

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