University Vision

The university strives to be one of the best academic institutions recognized for originality, and has the ability to communicate with standards Global in terms of education and application of knowledge and scientific research with a societal impact, and community service in order to achieve comprehensive and lasting human development in the region, and to be great in its giving, embodying national and Islamic values. 

University Message

Promoting specialized studies in the aspects of knowledge, humanities and sciences on the basis of reconciling the authenticity of the Islamic heritage with the necessities of the current stage and future prospects, in order to achieve the scientific and practical needs of the Muslim man - an individual. Or a society - in its present and future, by starting from the depth of Islamic knowledge on the one hand and the scientific constants of contemporary knowledge on the other hand, and with the tools of academic research, to derive a scientific approach that confronts the problems related to culture and human thought in a conscious reading of true Islam based on the approach of Ahl al-Bayt, peace be upon them, and meeting the requirements of The current and future stage of the Iraqi society and the Islamic nation.

University Goals

  • Distribution of science and knowledge by adopting programmed education and careful research.
  • Providing distinguished higher education in accordance with international standards of quality that integrates with the labor market and its requirements.
  • Educate students with what they need from Islamic sciences and deepen the roots of faith.
  • Provide general culture, conscious communication, and spread a culture of moderation and moderation.
  • Promote cultural, scientific, cognitive, educational and ethical reality.
  • Preparing a scientific generation with the ability to bring together & Islamic sciences and humanities.
  • Preparation of scientific cadres that blend the elements of modernity and heritage, and establish principles and modern scientific ideas and visions with an Islamic spirit.
  • Caring and paying attention to authentic, sober scientific research and its ethics, and producing research that serves the strategic plans of Iraq and society.
  • Contribute In bringing about quantitative and qualitative development in the scientific, cultural, educational and scientific research movement.
  • Qualifying those enrolled to teach science in educational institutions in the community.
  • Preparing qualified cadres to work in public and private sector institutions and according to specialization.
  • Instilling social values and virtues; to avoid wrong behaviors in all scientific and cognitive fields.