The Department of Media at Al-Kafeel University held a seminar entitled (Requirements for the development of water tourism in the marshes of southern Iraq)
2021 - 06 - 20

The Department of Media, under the supervision of the Continuing Education department held a seminar entitled “Requirements for the Development of Water Tourism in the Marshes of Southern Iraq”, by the Assistant Professor Dr. Haider Jamil Hayawi, the head of the department, on Saturday, 19/06/2021, and was attended by a number of faculty members and employees.

The researcher dealt with a historical overview of the emergence of the marshes and the opinions of researchers on how to form them. She also stressed the importance of these areas in serving the population by providing them with job opportunities, in addition to their importance in improving climate conditions on the one hand, and being important areas for storing the waters of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, especially in the season of floods. 

The lecture emphasized the importance of the marsh plants (reeds and papyrus) as a basic material in construction and its entry as a basic source for the paper industry, as the Basra Industry Factory relies on about (168 tons per day) and (50,400 tons per year) of the papyrus plant. The study also did not overlook the importance of the marshes in the tourism aspect. And developed several proposals for the development of tourism in the marshes of southern Iraq.