The Department of Religious Tourism at Al-Kafeel University holds a seminar entitled (Global Warming, its indicators and repercussions on the Iraqi climate in light of the climate changes that the world seeks)
2021 - 06 - 20

The Department of Religious Tourism, under the supervision of the Continuing Education Division, held a scientific symposium entitled (Global Warming and its Indicators and Repercussions on the Iraqi Climate in Light of the Climate Changes sought by the world), in which the experienced Professor Dr. It was attended by a number of faculty members.

the researcher dealt with the concept of global warming and its causes and effects on the Iraqi climate, reinforced by tables and charts that show what Iraq is currently witnessing in terms of rising temperatures and decreasing amounts of rain for the period between 1941/2020 and effects on human health and agriculture in Iraq and the expansion of the phenomenon of desertification and how to develop solutions Successful to reduce this problem.