The Department of Sharia at Al-Kafeel University held a panel discussion entitled (Smoking from a Jurisprudential point of view)
2021 - 06 - 23

Under the generous sponsorship of the respected President of Al-Kafeel University, Prof. Dr. Nawras Shahid Al-Dahan, the Department of Sharia at Al-Kafeel University held a seminar entitled (Smoking from a jurisprudential and deductive point of view), in which the lecturer, Dr. Nasser Aboud Hamad Al-Jabri, on Wednesday, June 23, 2021. It was attended by the head of the department and a number of faculty members and department employees.

The seminar included the phenomenon of smoking, which is one of the common and widespread issues and phenomena in all human societies, especially the Islamic community. It is permissible, because there is no special verbal text that prohibits it, but the prohibition stems from the necessity of the serious harm that results from smoking, even in the future.

This is the opinion of the well-known scholars, but there was a dispute between them about the fact that smoking is the fast for the fasting person, and the origin of this dispute is attaching smoke to thick dust, which is proven to break the fast according to the texts. There is a view saying that smoking is permissible in Ramadan and others went with regarding it as breaking fasting. 

 There is agreement on the prohibition of publicly having it in Ramadan and that is due to the sanctity and holiness of the blessed month.