The College of Law at Al-Kafeel University held a workshop entitled (Conciliation as a means to resolve administrative disputes in Iraq)
2021 - 06 - 30

The College of Law, under the supervision of the Continuing Education Department, held a workshop entitled (Conciliation as a means of resolving administrative disputes in Iraq), it was attended by the dean of the college and a number of faculty members.  

The workshop included the traditional situation for resolving disputes that arise between persons, which is to resort to the judicial path by filing a case before the competent court, considering that the primary function of the judiciary is to resolve disputes that arise between natural and moral persons in the state.

However, today this traditional situation is competing with means and methods that are taking its place in resolving disputes, with a desire to reach a solution for problems in more easy, fast and flexible ways, and then to reach the parties’ goal by working to resolve the conflict and achieve justice. Perhaps one of the most important of these methods is administrative conciliation, which is one of the most successful alternative means in resolving administrative disputes, whether the dispute is related to an administrative decision or an administrative contract. This  results in achieving the interests of citizens on the one hand and contributes to reducing the number of cases and disputes brought before the judiciary on the other hand in a manner that saves the effort and time needed to settle other disputes before the judiciary.