The College of Pharmacy at Al Kafeel University Organizes a Scientific Seminar on the Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer
2021 - 11 - 13

The College of Pharmacy at the university, in cooperation with the Continuing Education Department, organized a scientific seminar entitled: Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer, on Saturday, 13/11/2021. 

The seminar was conducted by Dr Shaima Raouf Al-Hasani and Dr Zikra Abdullah Al-Mahi, academic members of the College of Medicine of the University of Kufa. The seminar included several awareness topics to raise awareness in the community about breast cancer and its prevention in general. As well as the importance and the methods of the early diagnosis of breast cancer. Emphasizing the necessity of conducting periodic examinations to check on the health condition, in addition to the most important ways to reduce the possibility of infection.

 The lecturers praised the keenness of Al-Kafeel University for holding awareness-raising seminars that contribute to achieving the desired goals to serve the educational and awareness-raising process for the community.