The College of Law at Al-Kafeel University Holds a Seminar Entitled the Role of Foreign Investment in Achieving Sustainable Development in Iraq
2021 - 11 - 21

The College of Law at Al-Kafeel University, in cooperation with the Training and Continuing Education Unit at the University, held a seminar entitled:The Role of Foreign Investment in Achieving Sustainable Development in Iraq, in which Dr. Muhammad Abdul Rahim Hatem Al-Hasnawi, Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs at the College of Law, lectured on Sunday 21/11/2021. With the participation of Asst. Prof. Dr Ahmed Ali Al-Khafaji, Dean of the College of Law, and a number of college’s academic members.

Al-Hasnawi touched on several topics, including the problem that most countries suffer from in the recent decades due to the scarcity or lack of internal capital that finances the investments needed to achieve economic development.

Conceivably ,the best approach to accelerate social and economic development and achieve external financing means is through the foreign direct investment, given the vital role it plays in transferring modern technologies, in addition to the effects of foreign direct investment on supporting the economic growth and the sustainable development in Iraq, through increasing domestic product and developing the economic infrastructure, achieving scientific and technological progress, in addition to improving the efficiency of the use of state resources, as well as the positive impact on the balance of payments.

The seminar concluded with a number of results, the most important of which is that foreign direct investment contributes to the transfer of technology to Iraq, which contributes to bridging the technical and technological gap between Iraq and the industrially advanced countries.