The College of Pharmacy at Al-Kafeel University Held a Seminar Entitled (Ethinopharmacologic and phytochemical studies of the Thymelaeaceae
2021 - 11 - 24

Ethinopharmacologic and Phytochemical Studies of the Thymelaeaceae Under the patronage of the President of Al-Kafeel University, Prof. Dr. Nawras Muhammad Shahid Al-Dahan and the supervision of the Continuing Education Unit, the College of Pharmacy held a seminar entitled: Ethinopharmacologic and phytochemical studies of the Thymelaeaceae) on  Wednesday, 24/11/ 2021.

During which the Asst. Lecturer Mr.Muhammad Jassim presented the lecture, in the presence of a number of the college’s academic members.

The seminar included the traditional uses of plants belonging to the Thymelaeaceae family and the chemical studies conducted on these plants.

Then he presented the classification of the plant family and the poisoning cases of some plants of this family as well as their symptoms and treatments.