The College of Law at Al-Kafeel University Organizes a Seminar Entitled: The Role of the Legislator in Addressing the Disparity between the Segments of Iraqi Society
2021 - 12 - 20

The College of Law at Al-Kafeel University organized a seminar entitled: The role of the Legislator in 

Addressing the Disparity between the Segments of Iraqi Society in collaboration with the Training and Continuing Education Unit, which was presented by Asst. Prof. Dr. Saad Abdul-Hussein Nima Al-Shamry on Monday, 20/12/2021.

The seminar included the embodiment of social justice in the process of building and managing the Iraqi state.

In the constitutional text, work is a right for all Iraqis in a way that guarantees them a decent life. The law regulates the relationship between workers and employers on economic basis, taking into account the rules of social justice. Al-Shammari also indicated that Article (30) of the constitution clearly expresses one of the most important pillars of building social justice and reducing disparities between Layers of Iraqi society.

Referring in its first paragraph to the state’s guarantee to the individual and the family, especially the child and woman, of health insurance and the basic requirements for living a free and dignified life that secures adequate income and adequate housing for them.

The second paragraph of the same article adds that the state guarantees social and health security for Iraqis in the event of old age, illness, inability to work, homelessness, orphanhood, or unemployment, and works to protect them from ignorance, fear and poverty, and provides housing and special methods for their rehabilitation and care.