The College of Pharmacy at Al-Kafeel University Organizesa Seminar on Multiple Sclerosis
2022 - 01 - 03

The College of Pharmacy at Al-Kafeel University organized a seminaron Multiple Sclerosis, presented by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Dakhl Al-Rikabi, an academic member at the College of Pharmacy, in the presence of the scientific and administrative deputy dean of the College of Pharmacy and the teaching staff on Monday, 3/1/2022.

The seminar aimed to raise awareness about the causes of the disease, methods of its treatment, how to deal with the patient, and the factors that increase the risk of infection, in addition to the development that occurred recently in the discovery of drugs to treat this disease and the importance of following certain standards, including not using sterilizers excessively.

The lecturer stressed the necessity of periodic examination of the level of vitamin D in the blood and exposing children to sunlight to prevent the deficiency in vitamin D level, which is directly related to autoimmune diseases.