The College of Pharmacy at Al-Kafeel University holds a workshop on (Concepts of Building Sober Tests)
2021 - 04 - 20

The College of Pharmacy at Al-Kafeel University held a workshop entitled How to build a sober test on Wednesday 3/3/2021.

Prof. Ahmed Shaker Al-Kalabi lectured the workshop that discussed the basic concepts in building tests and their types In terms of the source of its construction and in terms of being an essay or objective and (multiple-choice questions) were asked in it. 

The most important features that must be available in any sober test were also discussed, which is honesty and stability. The episode also dealt with the types of honesty and reliability in detail, the method of extracting honesty and stability using solid statistical methods, vocabulary analysis, finding the level of difficulty and the criterion of discrimination for each of the test paragraphs. time and give the time factor the attention it deserves in administering exams.