The Department of Media holds a scientific lecture entitled: Introduction to Arabic literature, its concept and its origins
2021 - 04 - 25

A lecture given by Dr. Waroud Walid Hammoud Al-Sarraf, on 3/8/2021 at ten o'clock. The lecture included the concept of literature and its types, as well as a historical reference to the origin of this name and its linguistic and idiomatic connotations with a historical reference to what literature means in the pre-Islamic and Islamic eras, then The lecture dealt with poetry and prose, whichever is earlier, with reference to the poetic evidence of great poets, and the emergence of Arabic poetry associated with singing just as the art of poetry arose in the rest of the nations, and Arabic literature is part of the history of the Arabs related mainly to the Arabic language and culture of poetry, story, novel and theater, and that the rich advantages acquired by literature The Arab did not come in a day and a night, it must be a long journey of suffering, and Arab literature is a documentation of the historical stages from its inception until the modern era