The Department of Media holds a scientific lecture entitled: The Future in Media Philosophy
2021 - 04 - 25

The lecture was delivered by: A. M. Dr.. Nabil Rashad Saeed

The idea of ​​this topic revolves around (The Future in Media Philosophy). The importance of this topic comes due to the enormous challenges facing (the future of media research) and affect its development in all the rapid developments in the various media fields; Including the scientific interactions between communication sciences, media and other sciences.

The study of the future of media in accordance with global technological developments; of great importance; It is one of the most important requirements of the media strategy. ... Indeed, the life of every nation, if it is not prepared to realize the future, will remain backward and suffer from severe diseases called (future shock). Futurism is the primary study; Rather, the most prominent methods in the required research are: It is necessary to find ways that can be used to know the future in the media methodology.