The season of knowledge and dialogue
2021 - 05 - 19
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The family is the basis for the advancement of social and cultural patterns of the individual and society

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Tuesday   17/11/2020

Dr. Hossam Ali Hassan Al-Obaidi

Educational values ​​and the mechanism for benefiting from them

Thursday / 11/19/2020

Dr. Hussam Ali Hassan & nbsp; Al-Obaidi < / strong>

the relationship of religion to each of the morals Flag

Saturday 11/21/2020

Wedad Alaa Kamel / Faculty of Law / Phase Two

Psychological and emotional compatibility and disorder problems

Hura Naama Abdel-Khader / College of Dentistry / Fourth Stage

Book summary (The Way to God)

Mon 23 /11 / 2020

Ms. Hanin Ahmed Al-Moussawi

Ways and styles of character success strong>

Ayat Zuhair Muhammad / Faculty of Law / Fourth Stage

Summary   The book (The Power of Self-Control)

Wednesday 25/11/2020

Ms. Haneen Ahmed Al-Moussawi

The Art of Time Management

Zahraa Majid Hatim / College of Law / Fourth Stage

Book Summary (The Rules of Success) 

Friday  27/ 11/2020

Widad Alaa Kamel / College of Law / Relocation The second

Study skills

Ali Tawfiq Jabbar Kazem / College of Dentistry / Third Stage

Book summary (Beauty  , its physical and moral dimensions)

tuesday 1/12/2020

Dr. Hossam Ali Hassan  Al-Obaidi